• The Studio is where the magic happens! There our expert team weaves and sows together dreams and imaginings, creating gowns that are fit for royalty.

    What is the difference between The Shop & The Studio?

    At the Bridal Shop we have about 250 wedding dresses (size 6-20) that you can fit on to your heart's desire. There is no limit to the number of dresses taht you fit on. Please call our Bridal Shop on 021 - 910 2581 to make an appointment (Monday - Friday 8h00-18h00). The fitting fee at the Bridal Shop is R350 per hour. If you cannot find a dress that tickles your fancy, a unique wedding dress can be designed for you at the Production Studio.

    At The Production Studio, we design and make new wedding dresses and we do alterations to existing wedding dresses. If you cannot find an existing dress that suites you, we would be delighted to design and make a brand new dress just for you! In order to have a new dress made, please call our BRIDAL SHOP on 021 - 910 2581 to schedule a consultation (1 hour) with our Head Designer (Ilse Roux) Consultation fee: R350. She will see you at our Bridal Shop for the design consultation. Also see CONSULTATION PACKAGES in the menu bar of our website.

    Call The Studio @ 021 919 8498

    What happens during consultation?

    During the consultation, Ilse will do a basic figure analysis and give suggestions regarding the design of your unique wedding gown. She will fit some dresses on you in order to introduce to you the different styles, textures and colours. Then a few quick sketches later, she will give a formal quote on your design.

    What happens at The Studio?

    The Studio is where you will find our production staff hard at work, making new wedding dresses and doing alterations to existing ones that were booked at The Shop.

    Wedding dresses that have been bought are also kept safe at The Bridal Studio, until we start with the alterations, ensuring that you receive the dress in the same condition as you last saw it.

    Your fittings are also done at the comfort of our luxurious Bridal Studio during studio hours. Stock of most of our fabrics is also stored at the studio. These exquisite fabrics are not for sale to anyone else than our own customers.

    If new dresses are completed 2 weeks before the wedding, it is also kept safe there until the Tuesday or Wednesday before your wedding, when you will fetch the dress and other wedding accessories from us. The final fitting is also done at The Production Studio in order to ensure that everything is perfect and that there is no need for any further alterations.

    The hired articles will be returned to The Production Studio on the Monday after the wedding. If it is a public holiday, the hired articles can be returned to The Bridal Shop between 9:00 and 14:00.

    Studio Hours

    • Monday to Friday  

    • 8:00  – 17:00

    Physical Address

    22 Bourgogne Street
    Oak Glen

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    Give The Studio a call or send us a message
    021 919 8498 / 083 534 9612

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